Positive & driven leader who is excited to solve any problem.

Hello! I am Emma. I have experience leading a wide variety of different game development teams. 

I have led within a range of 60 teammates to 5, I enjoy working with all disciplines. Most recently I was Lead Producer of an open-world puzzle and exploration game made in Unreal Engine 5. Click on the links below to learn more about me and my work!  


A 3D, open-world game made in Unreal Engine 5. I was the Lead Producer of a 30-person cross-discipline team!

A 3D arcade racing game made in Unreal Engine. I was Lead Producer of a 60-person cross-discipline team!

A 2D mobile platforming game made in Unity. I was a level designer on a 5-person cross-discipline team. 

I am sitting on the right in the image above, collaborating with stakeholders and members of my leadership team.