Master's Thesis

Graduate Research Assistant | Producer

Does teaching a team coaching methodologies improve Emotional Intelligence and team effectiveness?

My thesis study is a pilot experiment that was conducted on my Light of Alariya Leads team, and my Pathogen Response project team.

I taught the leads team Kim Scott's Radical Candor, and the research team Edwards DeBono's Six Thinking Hats. I surveyed each team's team effectiveness and individual emotional intelligence before and after coaching them to observe if there was any difference.

My Thesis Abstract

This study is a pilot study that lays the groundwork for investigating the effects of teaching video game development teams’ communication methodologies by monitoring the team’s Emotional Intelligence (EI) and team effectiveness. Data was gathered from two separate teams, each taught a different communication method, either Radical Candor or The Six Thinking Hats. We found a positive linear relationship between the EI of a team and team effectiveness. This research contributes to the video game development industry by exploring how to improve creative team communication and explaining a foundation for further research to be built on.

My Coaching Methodology Presentations

Radical Candor Thesis Lessons.pdf

For several weeks I facilitated short discussions with my leads team to teach them a communication method that was new to them, and assessed if coaching the leads through this method was helping them be more emotionally intelligent and effective teammates.

Six Thinking Hats Lessons.pdf

At the same time, I taught my similarly composed Research Team a different communication method in order to assess if one method could work better than another for a video game development team.