During my time at KETR, I participated in live streams, community events and outreach, and social media events, and I started their podcast program, wrote scripts, edited audio and music, designed logos, and.... investigated murder.

One woman went missing, and we set out to find out why... the story just kept getting deeper, more and more... Buried.

Buried was by far the most popular project that I worked on podcasting. I mean, who doesn't love a mystery?

Working for National Public Radio means upholding the utmost professionalism, enthusiasm, and creativity in a very competitive market. Partnering with the lead reporter and host George Hale, we drove across the state to find our missing woman. Working with KETR involved a lot of organizational work: I sorted out episode content, wrote storyboards, took extensive notes, typed transcripts, scoured old newspapers, recorded and conducted interviews, edited audio, designed logos and PR material, and wrote theory after theory. I also worked to track podcast reach, audience, and progress. In addition to keeping the podcast organized and going, a lot of my job entailed interacting with the community and fans, de-escalating issues, and responding to angry emails professionally. I included a link to the podcast page below.

In order for something to thrive in a close-knit community like North East Texas, it needs to be about the community itself—thus, Points of Interest was born.

Points of Interest was my personal podcast that I created independently. I found and interviewed local East Texans and used their stories to create content and teach lessons. There were actually 2 versions of the show, but regrettably, some of my favorite episodes were lost in a hard drive failure incident. I found and edited the show's music and audio, wrote the script, and recorded and edited everything. From the generation of interview questions to editing out the sound of a fan in the background, I spent a lot of time in Adobe Audition. I also took photos to include with the stories.

Here is a sample of a community event I attended and reported on.

I did the photography, recorded and transcribed interviews, and wrote news stories (in AP style). From city council meetings to city events and parties to campus events, I represented the radio station at community events. I videoed and edited interviews with the city manager over plans for city-wide changes. I also participated in the radio station's public drives to raise money and live streams for our fans. Additionally, I hosted radio shows on campus where I uploaded and selected music and did my own short news segments (mostly about recent news in gaming).